Quality Policy

We are committed to achieve Total Customer satisfaction at optimum cost coupled with State of the Art  Technical Solution.  This commitment is shared by all our employees and is an integral part of the value system of our Company.

We shall achieve this by continuous improvement in Products, Processes, Services and Systems designed to meet the expectation of Customers and thereby foster good partnerships with them.

V.V.  Govinda Raman

Quality of Items used by us:

  1. Imported Best quality Copper Piping of Thickness varying from 22g, 20g & 18g based on the site conditions.
  2. 13mm thick “Totaline” make insulation around the Copper piping & Poly shield coating if required.
  3. For communication cable we use ISO9000 certified 2.5Sqmm copper wire for extra safety.
  4. “Stainless Steel Bolts &Nuts” for the Outdoor unit to Avoid Corrosion.
  5. 2” or 2- 1/2“ Plastic pipe around the Copper pipe if the pipe length crosses more than 4-5 feet on the external side of the wall.
  6. Hi-Tech clamps & U clamps to support the copper piping wherever it is required.
  7. Varun or equal quality of Blue coloured thick gauge Drain pipe.
  8. 10mm threaded rod for all our supports.
  9. 9mm Thick insulation for Drain pipe which travel above the false ceiling or in the concealed Wall.
  10. Stainless Steel Screws for Clamping.